Active Bodies, Active Minds in Workplace Learning Systems, Pt. 1

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“Life is movement,” Aristotle said. Like Dr. John J. Ratey’s book which explores the connection between exercise and the brain, in John Medida’s book Brain Rules, he asserts that exercise makes students in a learning system perform better intellectually. Studies show that thinking skills are improved by exercise, which stimulates the flow of blood to the brain.

Medida argues that our brains were designed for a way of life that involved continual movement. Brain power was applied to learning systems like hunting and gathering, dodging danger, and seeking new opportunities. Early human beings, he says, walked about 12 miles a day, which meant they were used to thinking as they walked.

How might we promote this flow to the brain in workplace learning systems, during LMS or face-to-face training and workshops? See the next post.

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