Facebook Apps for Online Learning Systems, Pt. 1

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Facebook and other Web 2.0 technologies offer exciting possibilities to create interactive and collaborative learning systems. Online, LMS-hosted and classroom learning systems are able to take advantage of students’ attention to sites like Facebook and create projects within them.

Some educational applications that Facebook offers are JSTOR Search, DoResearch4me, Books iRead, Wikiseek Search, Flashcards, Notely, Study Groups, Class Notes, SkoolPool, Swaproll, and Get Homework Help, among others.

Applications like JSTOR Search makes gathering information online simple for students, allowing users to find full text research articles on Facebook. Students can use apps like Flashcards and Notely to study and organize. Class Notes is the app for sick or absent students, allowing them to find scanned notes for classes. Get Homework Help connects students with tutors and other students for help in all kinds of learning systems subjects. (Continued in next post.)


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