Enliven Gaps and Sunk Time with LMS Podcasts

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Why all this audio training craze? (See previous post.) Last week, due to my own personal discovery of online tools (which are available to anyone seeking knowledge or the means of providing it), I was able to complete a book that would have otherwise taken me about two weeks.

That’s if I worked for about 2 or 3 hours a day, in the traditional sit-at-your-desk-and-read style. However, with my audiobook of Don Quixote, I completed the task in just 4 days. LMS online training courses could benefit from this kind of methodology.

Book I of Cervantes’ masterpiece is about 500 pages, or 18 hours of audiobook. Instead of spending each night reading the old text, I took advantage of my 45-minute bike commutes downtown every morning and afternoon. I listened to the audiobook while I cooked, while I cleaned my apartment, while I bought groceries.

My daily chores and commutes suddenly became interesting and relevant to my life, and they seemed to go by faster. In just four days, I had read the whole Book I, without making any changes in my daily schedule.

Podcasts and audiobooks are a pedagogical tool not used widely enough in today’s education system, from youth to adult learning. With LMS platforms for employee training, podcasts are extremely easy–and fun–to create.

Every employee, no matter what their daily routines are, can surely find at least an hour or two daily that is “sunk” time, or time when they are not doing much other than skimming the newspaper in the subway, driving, or exercising. Everyone has gap spaces in their schedule while are perfect times for LMS online training homework.


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