Enabling the Differently Abled with Courseware Systems

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Enabling the Differently Abled with Courseware SystemsBesides impoverished people, another group that benefits from ICT literacy programs is people with disabilities. Acquiring computer skills through nonprofit programs and courseware systems can greatly increase employment opportunities for differently abled persons. Oftentimes people with disabilities are discouraged in school and finish with inadequate skills, especially in the areas of reading and writing, creating an obstacle to obtain higher education and good employment.

Organizations like the ICDL GCC Foundation have created programs for differently abled people, developing modifications to their courseware system to suit those with special needs. Students include the hearing impaired, visually impaired, people with mobility difficulties and cognitive or learning impediments. With the help of dedicated instructors, special courseware systems and other assisting technologies and materials, the foundation hopes to instill confidence and essential computer skills to differently abled people.


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