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Mark Simon also warns against making your e-learning course too difficult to access. Even though your learners may know how to access the LMS, e-learning courses have different applications and tools that learners may not need to use very often. And we all know what happens when a piece of knowledge isn’t used often–it gets forgotten. Help your LMS learners navigate your course. Simon gives three pieces of advice: be specific, be consistent, and publish smart.

Imagine that your LMS students have never taken an e-learning course before. Be specific and give them all the details and possible ways for getting an e-learning lesson started. Be consistent; keep the access method the same. This will avoid confusion for your learners later on. Publish smart; your LMS administrator should publish the course so that it shows up on the learner’s home page. Make the course easy to find and whenever possible, don’t require the learner to search through a course catalogue for your course.


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