Easy Courseware System Migration

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Easy Courseware System MigrationPutting your courseware system on the market doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, free online course syndicator for your courseware system, consider Coggno.

Coggno’s user-friendly, flexible, straightforward user interface is a breeze to navigate and you’ll be walked through every step of your course creation. Entering Coggno’s website, you’ll find a variety of features including the SCORM publisher, text and video tools, question bank, quiz, template and assessment tools. Take a video tour of each of the tools to find out just how easy putting your product on the market can be.

Coggno allows you to create and brand your unique and sophisticated courseware system. From now until November 15, take advantage of Coggno’s exciting promotion. We’ll migrate your learning content for you, absolutely free of charge.


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