E-Learning is a Valuable Tool for Continuing Medical Education

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The clinical and administrative realms of healthcare are in a constant evolutionary state in order to keep up with demand and global development. This means that continuous professional development has never been more vital for physicians and administrators. Hectic schedules and training don’t often mesh well; many healthcare systems are investing in e-learning tools to facilitate necessary training and avoid the negative impact under-staffing has on patient care.

The Present State of Continuous Professional Development

Right now, there are several options available: Experts travel to facilities to conduct training of  clinicians and administrative staff; a group of staff members travel to off-site seminars and conferences to receive training; the “Train the Trainer” method is utilized by sending one or two staff members representative of a group to receive training and then pass it along to others who did not attend sessions. These methods are outdated; not to mention costly and and inefficient. Absent staff members impact productivity and stress those left behind to care for patients.

The E-Learning Solution

Medical professionals and administrative support staff must not only keep current with licensing and accreditation, they must also be aware of global development. Today’s patient is willing to seek care anywhere in the world, and this means domestic facilities must keep abreast of global best practices in order to accommodate patients. Internet access is virtually everywhere, and it is crucial to keeping track of the latest procedures and technologies.

The Internet offers a training alternative to clinicians and administrators in that they can complete necessary coursework anytime, anywhere. Staff members can complete training during slow periods at the office, at home or just about anywhere. This avoids staffing issues and allows facilities to keep their level of care consistent. Extra staff requirements and shortfalls can be avoided by keeping employees on-site, rather than having them travel to inconvenient conferences and seminars.

Physicians can take advantage of e-learning tools to get up to speed on new surgical techniques, procedures and medications, giving them the ability to pass the latest information on to their patients without having to attend costly seminars.

E-Learning Can Improve Care

High quality e-learning courses combined with an LMS platform will ensure that participants understand the material and educators are satisfied with their comprehension. Documentation can be provided to validate training, making patients aware that clinicians are well-versed in the type of care they seek.

E-learning is the most economical, efficient alternative to traditional training that will keep medical professionals apprised of cutting-edge technologies, procedures, pharmaceutical products and management techniques.


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