Creating Quizzes in Learning Management Systems

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Creating Quizzes in Learning Management SystemsOne Coggno learning management system feature to consider using prolifically is the Quiz Creator. It may sound like a small asset, but don’t be deceived. What makes the simple, old-fashioned quiz so vital? 

Quizzes have the power to separate the slackers from the serious learners. True, those not paying close attention to the content in a learning management system may cram for big tests and do well. But only focused learners are naturally prepared for short, frequent quizzes.

 Whether it’s in a learning management system or not, studies show that students who process information over a longer course of time (rather than ingesting it all in one fell swoop) will retain it in their long term memories with much greater ease. Using Coggno’s Quiz Creator is doing your learners a big favor! 

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