Creating a Homeschooler Courseware System

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Creating a Homeschooler Courseware SystemAre you collecting ideas and information to create your own online courseware system? One exciting group to consider is the expanding homeschooler demographic. Home educators often use courseware systems to complement lessons, activities and assignments. Home educators understand that one important part of a child’s education is the development of ICT skills. Online courseware systems are a convenient and easy way to improve students’ ICT skills and familiarize them with different technology.

Coggno’s free courseware system syndicator allows you to upload your course content and publicize it on Coggno’s marketplace. Coggno equips you with all the tools–including easy-to-use text editor, assessment , quiz and video tools–to create a unique and completely customized courseware design. You have total control over both the creation and the maintenance of your courseware system.

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