Courseware Systems For Home Educators

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Courseware Systems For Home EducatorsA wealth of resources are available for homeschoolers and home educators, including accreditation programs, which vary from state to state. Courseware systems and collaborative software allow students to get involved in online group activities, while sites like offer courseware systems for children grades K-8.

Many states offer accrediting systems such as the Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency, which provides legitimate diplomas to homeschoolers. It also encourages homeschoolers to continue through high school, and helps them get scholarships to college. It’s one of several Pennsylvania organizations recognized by the PA Department of Education that provides diplomas and offers a recognized alternative to the GED and the correspondence school diploma. The agency also provides Advanced Placement (AP) courseware systems to prepare students to take AP tests.

——— offers premier online training courses.

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