Courseware System Studies in the Passenger Seat

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Courseware System Studies in the Passenger Seat Do you have slight panic attacks encountering drivers who are totally focused on their iPods or cell phones? Well, now we have one more reason to fear for our lives as we brave the streets.

Walt Mossberg reports that wi-fi will soon by available in your car. Autonet Mobile has partnered with Chrysler and other companies to make it happen. Feel like doing some courseware system homework as your husband drives? No problem. The system works through a special wireless router, mounted in the trunk or rear cargo space, that draws the internet from cellphone towers and then converts it into an in-car wi-fi signal with a range of 100 feet.

Now, many courseware system users may already use cellular data cards, iPhones or BlackBerries. So how would courseware system users benefit from Autonet? Well, the connection is steadier, cheaper, and allows multiple users.

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