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Coggno Inc.

Courseware System OwnershipAre you looking for a home for your online courseware? Coggno is a courseware system platform that serves as an intermediary for the transfer of knowledge. Our purpose is to facilitate the connection between trainers/courseware developers and learners.

Courseware system developers can create and migrate modules on all kinds of topics to Coggno, free of charge. Your learning content can also show up on your own website. Of course, courseware system authors retain ownership and copyright of all their IP and learning content. Coggno earns a very small portion of the each sale you make. And after you’ve migrated your online courseware, it’s not set in stone. You have complete control over your course, and you have the power to change or delete some or all of it using the backend dashboard.

———— offers high-quality LMS platforms.

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