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Courseware System ColorsIf you’re still designing a logo, you might also be figuring out the colors you want to use for your courseware system. As with logo design, it’s important to choose colors to give your courseware a unique look and feel while catering to your audience. But in general, a simple color palette with balanced colors is ideal.

If children are your audience, help them through the courseware system, using bright colors to attract their eyes to specific parts of your course content. For example, you might make each course section a different color. Though adults certainly benefit from color coding too, children require the more prolific use of colors.

Be sure to keep the background color of the main content area in white or a light, (think pastel or light shades) unimposing color to make it easy on the eyes. Put yourself in the mind of your courseware system audience, and you’ll find choosing and manipulating colors simple.

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