Common LMS Course Assumptions

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So you’ve built a beautiful e-learning course ready to host on an LMS. One thing you need to remember is to get into the minds of your potential students. Remember writer William Safire’s advice: “Never assume the obvious is true.”

In Mark Simon’s article, “E-Learning NO How: 7 disastrous decisions sure to sink any e-learning implementation,” he lists “seven of the most common reasons for e-learning failure.” The basic theme throughout the piece is that when creating an e-learning course to host on an LMS, you mustn’t assume anything.

For one, don’t expect to simply send it out and assume your LMS learners will complete it in a few days. Give your students advanced notice and reminders about the course. As Simon writes, “Those ‘save the date’ cards may be useless in your social circles, but advance notification goes a long way in business circles.”

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