Coggno Unveils Teach Free Program

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Tod Browndorf

Coggno is delighted to announce the start of the Teach Free program which allows educators to use the Coggno Learning Management System free of charge.  We hope that you will participate in this program and use the many tools that Coggno has to offer to inspire and excite students about learning.

In order to participate in this program funded by the Coggno Foundation, you must provide your educational institution’s name and address, website, phone, class grade level and number of students.  The application is found online at the website and decision notification is delivered within 48 hours.

If you participate in the Teach Free program, you can make learning more exciting and accessible for your students, whether they are in K-12, college students, or working professionals. Let our online resources help make your curriculum more fun, memorable and rewarding through the use of podcasts, tutorials or interactive games. Once you incorporate Coggno into your lesson plan, we are confident that you and your students will enjoy learning even more.

With more than 5,000 courses covering almost every conceivable academic or professional topic, is a one stop portal for anyone seeking an introductory or in-depth discussion about subjects ranging from English and mathematics to Energy Conversion Analysis.

If you are publisher on Coggno, we encourage you to join our forums on Facebook to learn how you may be able to help teachers and instructors involved in various aspects of the educational system.   We believe lively communication between our course creators and users improves everyone’s experience.

Coggno is excited to share its many features with educators.  We believe the many tools and features unique to the Coggno Learning Management System will help you become a better teacher and inspire your students to learn more quickly and successfully.  Our courses have proven effective for thousands of professionals and students, and we hope that you will join the Coggno community by participating in the Teach Free program.


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