Coggno’s Support Team is Fanatical

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Erica Caramol

Our Customers, Our Partners

I need to get something off my chest.  In the 10 years Coggno has been in business, we’ve seen that our customers tend to be loud, vocal, and very opinionated…and I LOVE IT!

Each week our team receives numerous emails from our customers thanking our outstanding technical & customer support teams.  Of course, we think they’re great, but receiving kudos from our customers just plain confirms it!

At Coggno, we go beyond a “vendor/client” relationship and see ourselves as partners.

Our Awesome Support Team is Standing by 24/7!

All support issues we receive are acknowledged instantly upon receipt. Once our support engineers take a look at the issue, if they can’t resolve it immediately they will set the expectations for the sender, so they’ll know what is happening.

We take pride that our technical & customer service teams are professional, reliable, effective, and efficient. 98% of tickets we receive are resolved to complete satisfaction within hours, primarily through our ticketing system; live chat, and email and phone, are available to help resolve any particularly sticky issues.

Part of the reason for our success is our customers, who provide invaluable feedback and suggestions that have helped us create the superior training experience we offer today.

At Coggno, helping our customers is our passion.

support team is fanatical

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