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When an organization makes the decision to adopt an LMS platform, it can be a costly endeavor. While the investment is worthwhile, it can come with many unanticipated headaches.

In the spirit of starting fresh in the coming year, we’d like to give you a few reasons why you should consider going with an Learning Management System platform from Coggno, as opposed to one of our competitors. Pay close attention, because you’ll be seeing the words “no cost,” “free,” and “complimentary” much more than you will anywhere else.

Think of Coggno as Your LMS Alternative to TiVo

How did we manage to survive before the invention of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR)? Many of us remember the days of futzing with our VCRs to get them to record our favorite programs so we could watch them at our convenience. How many times did your VCR fail to record when you wanted it to, despite your best efforts to program it correctly? I know; don’t even go there. Now, most of us have DVRs that belong to the cable and satellite companies that provide the services we subscribe to. And, we know how much competition there is for our business; you’re most likely not paying for your DVR because it was provided by the cable or satellite company for free in order to obtain your business.

Think of Coggno’s LMS platform as your training DVR: you get to pick and choose the online courses you need to ensure your employees are learning what they need to know. Our Web site is your “program guide.” With the click of a mouse you download exactly what you want and nothing you don’t. We provide all the support you need to allow your employees to accomplish their training without the hassles and extra costs of additional software, support, administration or hosting. You get it all included in the cost of the coursework.

Coggno Provides the Ability to Create a Customized, Private LMS

Many other LMS providers are guilty of attempting to jam the square peg in the round hole. At Coggno, we give you the ability to create an LMS platform that will serve your organization’s unique agenda. We set up your complimentary platform which you are free to brand and even create a unique Web site for. With that comes the ability to create learning groups, obtain customized reporting and facilitate distribution of coursework. All this is provided at no extra charge beyond the fees for course content. The best part is, your employees can access the materials from wherever they are, whenever it is convenient for them – just like the shows you record on a DVR.

If you’re still on the fence about LMS, we invite you to take a tour of ours. It’s free!

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