Choosing an Online Learning System: Watching out for Diploma Mills, Pt. 9

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Diploma mills and fake learning systems are not only a far-reaching problem plaguing unwitting employers and duped students, but have also created a dangerous and potentially fatal phenomenon.

Marion Kolitwenzew’s case is a tragic one. In 1999 she went to a specialist seeking care for her diabetic daughter. The specialist seemed impressive, with an office full of medical supplies and a collection of medical degrees from prestigious university learning systems.

However, it turned out that those diplomas came from mills. When Ms. Koliwenzew followed the doctor’s advice and took her daughter off insulin, the 8-year-old began vomiting and died.

What can you do to ensure you’re never fooled by a fake diploma or false promises of a legitimate one?Perform extensive research before taking on an online learning system, new employee, or an professional with whom you’re entrusting anything of value.

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