Choosing an Online Learning System: Watching out for Diploma Mills, Pt. 1

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If you’re thinking of working towards a degree, either as a stepping stone to a career change or to make yourself more valuable in your current job, a flexible, affordable online training platform may be right for you. However, in choosing an online learning system, there are some features to watch out for.

Beware the diploma mill.

A diploma mill (or sometimes “degree mill”) is an organization that awards academic degrees and diplomas based on substandard academic study, or no academic study, and without recognition by official education accrediting bodies.

Students may be led to believe they are engaging in a legitimate learning system and earning an academic degree, while actually they are just creating more profits for the organization. Some diploma mills claim accreditation by non-approved or unrecognized accrediting bodies which are created solely for the purpose of providing a guise of authenticity.

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