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How To Be A Persuasive Salesperson

An effective salesperson’s primary role is to understand the customer, know the product, and make its benefits relevant and clear to a potential buyer. But of all the skills one […]

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A Comprehensive Microsoft Excel Skills Checklist

According to a study conducted, 80 percent of job openings require word-processing and spreadsheet software skills. Excel is one of the most used tools in many industries and it assists […]

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Ten Professions Which Require Excel Spreadsheet Skills

Certified Excel skills improve the probability of promotions and lift earnings by 12% on average compared to the paychecks of non-certified users. Based on thousands of career postings, any of […]

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7 Easy Steps to Get Yourself Into Perpetual Debt – and Stay There

Personal Debt, A Simplified Guide There are many four-letter words which are not fit for polite company and DEBT is clearly one of them. Of course, there are ample euphemisms […]

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Teach a Man to Invest: The Importance of Becoming Financially Savvy

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin In May 2017, The Guardian reported that middle-income households in some of America’s major cities are shrinking, and not […]

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Author: Janine Ordman
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