Building Momentum and Fighting Procrastination in an LMS Course, Pt. 3

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Another way to build momentum and overcome procrastination of LMS coursework is to avoid internet addictions. You’re not alone–more and more people are wasting precious time each day on unproductive, time-consuming online activities when we really should be working, completing LMS coursework, or getting outside and exercising.

According to a survey conducted by online compensation company, six in every ten workers admit to wasting time at work on the internet. The average employee wastes 1.7 hours of a typical 8.5 hour work day.

The most insidious online time-wasting activities are probably web searches and email checking/writing. The internet can be a treacherous place–a quick email check can turn into a half hour writing spree or labyrinthine Facebook visit. Even work for an LMS class, such as looking up references or course-related information, can lead you off-track to intriguing but totally irrelevant sites.

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