Battling Inequalities in U.S. Learning Systems, Pt. 1

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Battling Inequalities in U.S. Learning Systems, Pt. 1In order for President Obama’s economic-stimulus plan to have a positive impact on public learning systems, every state will need to play its part in working to improve its schools. This involves fighting one of the toughest challenges in K-12 education: inequalities in access to quality learning systems and teaching talent for poor and minority children.

However, shaping up our state learning systems will take time, says Marshall Smith, a senior advisor to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. “The intent here,” he says, “is not to expect some sort of dramatic change overnight. It is, however, to expect states to see that this is a fundamental inequity and to begin to address it in a thoughtful way, and in a way that measurably advances the ball.”

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