Are Virtual Worlds a Worthwhile Corporate Learning System?

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Are Virtual Worlds a Worthwhile Corporate Learning System?Workplace virtual world supporters will claim that the return on investment will manifest itself in various ways, from more efficient training and less downtime to better collaboration and more rapidly developed products. But while some insist that 3D web opens up all kinds of opportunities for corporate learning systems, others remain skeptical.

Of course, the virtual world is still in the early stages in its functionality as a corporate learning system. For this reason among many, it’s important to think twice before ditching your LMS and hopping onto the virtual world bandwagon.

In his article “A New Virtual World Winter?” Bruce Damer poses the question, “Is interaction in a virtual world that much more enriching and valuable than the simpler modalities available in other platforms?” Many argue that integrating virtual worlds into a corporate training learning system simply isn’t worth the trouble. What do you think?

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