Another Nod to the Game

Erica Caramol

Fall is the best time of year if you’re a sports fan; the convergence of baseball, football, hockey and basketball is a glorious time, so why not enjoy that “gamification” while you’re on the job?

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how “gamifying” training has become a popular tactic in order to engage learners. It has proved effective for students of all ages, and has provided a challenge for content creators to make learning fun. This week, we’ve learned that the same holds true for employees. Online training has been getting a much needed boost from gamification, and it’s not has difficult to implement as you might think.

Turn the Tables on Learners

The easiest, most cost-effective way to implement a game-mentality among employees is to get them involved. The worst possible forms of training are those that spew information without giving the learner the opportunity to interact with the material. Like team coaches designing and implementing game plans for their players, facilitators should give learners the materials they need and then challenge them with scenarios that will allow them to put that knowledge to work. The key is to not make it feel like work; games are the perfect way to ensure that the materials stick. Think of it as being an offensive or defensive coordinator of a football team. Provide your players with the knowledge, and let them run with the ball. The end result will surely be a touchdown.

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