Active Bodies, Active Minds in Workplace Learning Systems, Pt. 2

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A simple way to encourage exercise in your organization’s learning system or training program is to use energizers to get participants going. These may include breaks, question and answer sessions, LMS-hosted activities, or exercises. After a morning and/or afternoon dedicated to a residential learning system, encourage participants to use the gym or other facilities, or get outside for a walk.

A more complicated and costly way, albeit an increasingly interesting one (especially considering the growing obesity problem in the U.S.) to energize participants in company learning systems is the installation of treadmill desks. Dr. James Levine’s famous Steelcase Walkstation, among other pricey systems, is probably not a realistic option for most organizations. But poke around the web and you’ll find sites devoted to help you build your own, with the help of some heavy duty plastic shelving, thick Styrofoam planks and cable ties, for about $50.

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