A Victorian-Style Rote Learning System, Pt. 3

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One benefit of rote learning systems is the confidence students gain. In a rote learning system like the Off By Heart competition, performing a poem by heart can be a memorable and satisfying experience for students who may be struggling in certain subjects.

But poetry isn’t the only important rote learning system. For example, with the primary school math curriculum becoming as extensive as it is, teachers often can’t afford to take time to ensure that students learn basic facts. This is where memorization at home comes in.

I remember clearly the summer I had to memorize the multiplication tables. I’d had all summer to learn them, but now only a week remained before school started. The sun was shining and my family was out boating on the lake while I sat inside reciting and whimpering. But I did finally memorize them.

Who knows? Without those tables in my brain, I might have fallen through the math class cracks later on in my academic career.


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