A Treadmill Desk for Home and Office Learning Systems, Pt. 1

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A Treadmill Desk for Home and Office Learning Systems, Pt. 1Since Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic came up with the idea of a “treadmill desk,” there are now several types on the market. The goal is to integrate movement and gentle exercise into the work day of otherwise sedentary office workers or others who spend a good amount of time at a desk each day. Anyone from LMS and online courseware students to die-hard gamers would benefit from such a system.

Levine’s idea was to slowly walk on a treadmill–at the speed of one mile per hour–while doing what you’d normally do at a desk. And although treadmill desks don’t provide LMS students and office workers with a real cardio workout, the benefits seem hefty enough.

Dr. Levine’s research showed that on average, his subjects burned 100 more calories per hour than they normally would while sitting and working. According to his theory, if an LMS student were to spend eight hours a day at a treadmill desk instead of their normal desk, they could lose up to 57 pounds a year.


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