A Learning System in a Toy: Leapster

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Learning System for KidsGetting kids to stop playing and focus on straightforward learning can be impossible. And no wonder! Wouldn’t you prefer to play too? There’s a reason why Facebook, MySpace, and other programs are banned in some work places. It’s always a relief when both come together. A stellar example of this join is LeapFrog Leapster Learning System Game.

Designed for children pre-K through fourth grade, Leapster teaches them critical thinking skills, math, reading, creative thinking, story comprehension, and vocabulary, among others.

It is a handheld computerized learning system with an interactive touch screen and pen, multiple skill levels (adjustable so kids learn at their own pace), step-by-step tailored tutorials, and you can update it as your child grows.

A learning system possibly better than Barney.

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