21st Century Learning System Concerns

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Teaching 21st century skills is natural and effective for many teachers. Active and dedicated teachers are able to create interactive learning systems that encourage students to think for themselves and work together to achieve goals. But while these teachers and students thrive, there are plenty of educators and students for whom this method will fail.

Imagine a traditional classroom in which a rather dull and/or lethargic teacher simply dictates information for students to absorb. In a 21st century skills learning system, this same educator may be asked to take a different teaching approach. And this approach may amount to simply handing out a problem for students to solve without giving much in the way of guidance.

21st century skills learning systems prompt a challenge not only for students, but for educators as well. Lazy information-dispensing, which at least provided the necessary material for students, could simply become lazy overseeing, yielding even more disastrous results.


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