10 Issues in a Learning System: 9) Learning Objectives and Myths

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Learning System: MythsIt’s important to keep learning systems comprehensive and simple, and to do this one must avoid using scientifically dubious theories. Fads in learning systems are often proven ineffective, so the best kind of teaching method is one that is created organically and without far-out pretexts, which harbor potential to distract and confuse the learner.

One mistake that educators often make is outlining course objectives at the beginning of the course. This tactic has unrealistically grandiose intentions: to instill in the students a wider lens or a greater sense of the most important learning material they will be receiving, far in advance of their actually receiving it. This learning system strategy overwhelms learners at the onset of their learning experience. Moreover, information is easily forgotten if given too far in advance. Solution: provide learning objectives close to the learning event.

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