10 Issues in a Learning System: 6) Attention

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10 Issues in a Learning System: 6) AttentionI can tell you first-hand how gigantic the difference is between taking a class with 20+ students, 8, or 1. In addition to doodling and daydreaming, you have the optional distraction of other human bodies around you. Most of the time, a learning system doesn’t allow for teaching a small amount of people at one time, or even for a spacious and clean setting to do it in.

So work with what you can (hopefully) control: the classroom setup. Leave it as simple and clean as possible. The less visual clatter learners have to contend with, the less attention they will be able to waste and the more productive the learning system will be. At least in theory. Best solution: subscribe to a one-on-one or on-your-own learning system if possible.

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